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Alecia Stevens
Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
- Coco Chanel
Classic 1927 apartment

Alecia Stevens offers full-service residential interior design and is known for interiors that look like they have grown up over time, like people. One room may house precious personal objects, antiques of warm wood, vintage upholstery, modern lighting, cool metals and soft velvets. She likes to say "I push my clients just enough that they grow into their homes, not out of them."

She is also known for building a team of talented craftspeople, antique dealers, European fabric designers, cabinet makers, upholsterers, lighting and stone suppliers, among others from Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Charleston, Los Angeles, and Florence, Italy. Really! She brings thirty-five years of cross-pollinated design experience from the worlds of fashion and theatre design, high-end women’s retail, journalism and photo styling. For the past fifteen years, Alecia’s passions have found expression in the home. She takes a limited number of projects each year, personally selecting each and every piece for her clients while working with a small team of assistants to keep projects moving.

Every project begins with the client: Hello. Who are you? What makes your heart sing? How do you like to live? What don't you like? This, too, is a worthy question! That every home is comfortable is a given. There will be a table for the drink, a lamp for reading, a spot for your feet if you want it, a place for napping, chairs close enough to have an intimate conversation and areas for dining that suit you and your family. Fabrics and furnishings will be appropriate to the constellation in the home: children, pets, handicapped and the elderly. Rugs will have just the right pads and pillows will be filled with down, not foam. Fabrics will be sensual to the hand and natural, whenever possible. Beautiful and practical!

Alecia works with clients of all ages and in all kinds of interesting locations. She is working on an easy-living beach house in Manzanita, Oregon for a 40-something family of five, has recently completed a classic Upper East Side New York townhouse for fifty-somethings who travel a great deal and want an elegant, easy place to land (and will be featured in Veranda magazine later this year), and is completing an Edwardian townhouse for 60-somethings in the Mission District in San Francisco, respecting the original bones while refreshing the palette and livability. And in each of these cases, she is working with repeat clients.

Alecia has the privilege of working with some of the finest architects and contractors in Charleston, Minneapolis and New York and can refer you to these talented, experienced professionals on request.